“Surely the Lord is in this place”

Genesis 28:16

When asked “What is most important to you?” Answers like my family, my time, my money, immediately come to mind. But God exists outside of the concept of time, your money is worthless in His Kingdom, God created your family! There is nothing more important than to worship and praise Him for our very existence. He gave us purpose in this way.

I encourage anyone who is considering a trip to Israel to move it to the top of the list! Experience what it is like to be in a land that prioritizes the spiritual over the material. Unplug from those things that make us numb to our complete dependency on God. Witness the places Jesus used to change the world, where God specifically chose to send his only Son to show us His love.

The mystery of God is so real in this place. All you can do is marvel at the sacrifices that were made by Jesus to save us. To spread God’s Word through a combination of the miraculous and the ordinary, the spectacular and the discreet. It was all intentional, every place Jesus was from His birth until He defeated death was specifically planned by God.

I hope you enjoy our pictures and experiences in the Holy Land. God bless!

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